Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Oath 行医 (Catch-Up TV)

Love Thy Neighbour ended on Monday... quite a nice & touching last episode.. made me tear in some parts.. ;(

But anw. A new drama is on now and it's not bad! The filming & all is a bit different from the 'usual' way Singapore CH 8 dramas are filmed.. it's a bit more like... CH U's Pai Mai, that kind of filming pattern... and I like~ :))

It's a doctor-ish show, which is cool ^^ and it's also interesting that they chose to combine Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in the show... And btw they are using some of Hebe's songs in the show as well !

Click to view the first episode of The Oath on XinMSN, which aired yesterday night. It's on every weeknight @ 9pm. :)

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