Tuesday, December 27, 2011

康熙來了 你一定沒看過的模仿新角色! (23 Dec)

I love it when this show invites people to impersonate other celebrities/singers/etc. xD Haha but the newbies in this episode are not thattt funny... except for XiaoXia. I prefer(much more, actually) watching the 'real' actors do it(ie. Chong Chong, Chen Han Dian)... The only newbies who can really make me laugh are Hold住姐 and Xiao Xia(love them!) :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

善德女王 (선덕여왕) Queen Seon Deok OST - Wind Flower

Uploaded this song to Youtube a few days ago... the ending song of the 7pm Korean drama currently showing on Channel U... 善德女王 Queen Seon Deok. :) The song's titled 'Wind Flower'.

Here's the girl version of this song... actually this sounds nicer to me 'cus it seems more suitable for a girl to sing this song... ;)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Starry Starry Night 星空

Yep, this is the girl(Xu Jiao) from the Stephen Chow movie, CJ17... she has grown to be so pretty! Well, yeah, she still looked good in the past, but more of cute - now is pretty :) Look at the difference -

Anw, Starry Starry Night is a new movie coming out in Singapore(or has it already been released? I'm not sure xD), which features Xu Jiao, this handsome young boy(Eric Lin), Harlem Yu and Liu Ruo Ying.

For those who are waiting to catch it online, here's the link - it's already uploaded on MySoju ! But of course, it would be best if we support the original film @ the cinemas... choice up to you guys ;)


Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Song To Remember 星洲之夜 Songs :)

Decided to embed a few songs from A Song To Remember 星洲之夜 here, 'cus they simply sound so, so nice ! ;) I totally couldn't recognise Liu Li Yang's voice - her voice is so versatile ! And so good~.

Basically, the songs sung in the soundtrack/OST are by three singers - Mavis Hee, Jade Liu Li Yang and Xu Yi Qing.

星洲之夜 - Mavis Hee 许美静 (if I'm not wrong, this song was sung by her...)

花样霓虹 - Jade Liu Li Yang 刘力扬

I especially love this one :) >>>

思念 - Mavis Hee 许美静

I like this one below as well... plus the choreography is so cute, haha ! And this video is actually on Youku, omg o.O

夜上海 - Jade 刘力扬

当代花木兰 - Mavis Hee 许美静

And this one below is one of my fav as well... like that kind of old-fashioned song from the past that everyone likes, a very catchy one which no one can stop singing ^^

若即若离 - Jade Liu Li Yang 刘力扬

And this! Super happy song :D

我的快乐世界 - 鸭子 徐亦晴 (徐宛鈴)

This song is beautiful, too... but I couldn't find the full version on Youtube...

你的眼淚 - 鸭子 徐亦晴 (徐宛鈴)

Okay, all in all, I guess I love most of the songs inside A Song To Remember! xD hahaha.

I am not a hardcore channel-8-drama fan, but I think the idea of this whole story setting and musical thingie is great... And yeah, some people dislike channel 8 dramas 'cus of various reasons - I didn't + don't like some of them as well, and I don't watch all of them, but I find that these 9pm dramas are improving and the actors are improving as well.

So... yeah, I will support those I feel are worth watching.. ;) And you gotta admit, even if you don't like the show/cast, the singers and songs are GREAT in this show. So let's not bring them down along with the show(if you don't like it), yeah? ;)

And with that, wish everyone here has a happy Sunday today! :)

孩子氣 - Michelle 陳妍希 (MissRoseate - Karaoke Version)

Both lyrics and tune composed by Michelle Chen herself ;) V.nice song!

Friday, December 16, 2011

伤日快乐 - Angela 张韶涵 (MissRoseate - Karaoke Version)

You can check out my other covers here if interested ;)

Did another cover of 3 more Angela songs (consecutively) some time ago... as embedded below :)

Or you can just check out my Youtube channel here!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

想原谅 - Della 丁当 (MissRoseate)

Finally - a cover after so long :) Hope you guys enjoy it and constructive comments very much appreciated! (Click on the video to get the lyrics)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

夢 Dream MV - Selina 任家萱 (S.H.E)

This mv was just released(uploaded by HIMservices) today! :) Tune/Melody by Jay Chou, lyrics by Selina herself. ;)

This song is recorded in Selina's upcoming EP, titled 'Dream A New Dream'. As shown below is the EP cover pic -

- Click here to view the mv for her other new song, 謝謝你們 愛我的每個人! -


心痛的疤痕 記憶的傷痕 請問 怎樣才能不恨
如果我堅強 如果我開朗 請讓我像從前一樣

我刷著睫毛 擦了脣膏 換上洋裝 牽著你手
我丟掉手機 丟掉照片 丟掉過去

我想開心笑倒在你胸懷 跑著要你快追過來
小情小愛平凡多可愛 怎麼了現在 記憶體全是空白

像魚在海悠游自在 像鹿奔跑那樣自然
如果我的世界能重來 這夢境 都會是 現在

心痛的疤痕 記憶的傷痕 請問 怎樣才能不恨
我不要堅強 我不要開朗 請讓 我像從前一樣

Monday, December 12, 2011

星空 MV - MayDay 五月天

A relatively new song from Mayday 五月天 :) It's titled 星空. (This is also the themesong for the movie, Starry Starry Night 星空)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Song To Remember 星洲之夜 OST

I chanced upon this @ Gramophone today - the A Song To Remember Official Soundtrack! Hurray it's out already; i feel like buying it :)

I feel the songs inside the show are super nice, 'cus it's something like a fusion of new and oldie songs, so that both the older and younger generation can enjoy the songs :) And the way they sing them as well - it just makes anyone, regardless of age, want to listen again and again... :)

If I didn't remember incorrectly, this retails at $22.95 (and $19.95 with purchase) @ Gramophone.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Doraemon: 20 Years Later

The latest Toyota commercials, starring the Doraemon characters in person 20 years later(ie. @ 30 years old)! HAHA. Can you guess who's who? :p

(the 2nd vid has no Eng subs, though... couldn't find one!)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Another KTV Site!

Here's another great Youtube channel I found to introduce to you all - a site for you to belt out the latest C-Pop KTV hits! :) Click here to view.

I have embedded a few below - (just change to the Left channel)

On the other hand, you can get instrumentals to C-Pop songs which weren't made into MVs/KTVs here @ my Youtube site (no need to change audio channel to Left) ;)

I have embedded some below as well !

Friday, December 2, 2011