Friday, September 30, 2011

小S怀孕了! Xiao S Is Pregnant(Again)!

Click here for the whole article by XinMSN :)

A quick summary & translation below, should you need it ;) - pic from XinMSN.

Xiao S is already 3 months pregnant, and she 'predicts' that this tim
e round, it's still going to be a girl - with the symptoms, etc. she experiences being similar to those she had when she was pregnant with her 2 older daughters.

She revealed that previously, she tried a recommended diet - which was said to increase your probability of bearing a son - with her husband, but that didn't work - she still bore a daughter; thus, this time round, she didn't really stick to any 'special' diet, and wanted to ''let things take their natural course''.

A name has already been thought up by Xiao S for her third daughter(as she predicts) - Alice! Xiao S was also stated as saying that having a third daughter is good - as she herself is the third daughter in her family, and she describes herself as being filial and capable of earning money. So, Xiao S concludes, having a daughter still for the 'third round' is not a bad thing as well.

Da S congratulated her younger sis on Weibo, saying that she and her family were very happy to hear the news and that she wanted to be with Xiao S all the way and be the first to tell the newborn baby, "Auntie loves you!"

Regarding her super popular talkshow with Cai Kang Yong(蔡康永) - Kang Xi Lai Le《康熙来了》, Xiao S has said that she will host for as long as she can(before giving birth). Kai Yong has been very supportive as well, stating that he will 'rest' along with Xiao S(meaning, not going to carry on with the show and everything), no matter how long a break she may need.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

《情人X知己》SG Autograph Session 2011 - Rachel 梁文音 (还是朋友)

(Sorry for the late upload!) I was lucky to have won exclusive passes to WenYin's autograph session in Singapore on 10th July 2011 @ Bugis Junction... got the chance to see her up close close close without most ppl blocking :) She's singing 还是朋友 in this vid.

Was zooming in/out while adjusting the camera, so pls make do with some parts of the vid where the quality is not that gd cus i zoomed in too much! But the sound quality is good, though. ;) With nobody singing in the background or stuff like that, haha...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Life After Harry Potter: PotterMore

Have you heard?

J.K. Rowling has come up with a website, PotterMore, where fans can enjoy everything Harry Potter-ish.

Apparently, according to Ars Technica, this website is ''an online immersive experience for which Rowling has written extensive new material (more than 18,000 new words so far) about characters, places and objects in the series''! You can also get the e-books to the HP series here.

Sounds captivating, huh? I know - I myself can't wait to visit!!

But apparently, the next 'intake' of members only starts in October, so readers who visit the url now can't really see/access anything... ;(

P.S. I hope to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Orlando one day, too(and drink butter beer and do stuff harry-potter-ish)! *prays hard* :(

Thursday, September 22, 2011

>>Cover<< 我們都傻 - Rainie 杨丞琳

Uploaded a new one(this time with a mic) cus I thought the previous one wasn't that good... More vids here ;) Hao ting ma? :p

Lyrics 歌词 here:

当我思念的心 泛滥的时候
看着你的样子 是你在伤心
揪心的是 我的离开

看你装无辜的眼神 我很窒息
难道你没有看见 看见我对你的好

你说我傻 傻在爱上只懂爱自己的人
我说你傻 傻在爱他你的眼睛骗不了人
我们都傻 傻在为一段没有未来的爱情付出

你说我傻 傻在爱上没有感情的分身
我说你傻 傻在爱他就固执的奋不顾身
我们都傻 傻在宁愿被牺牲也不愿意放弃天真

P.S. I go by either the name of Life'sMelodies or MissRoseate in the tagboard, so those replies were by me, if you guys were wondering... ;)

Monday, September 19, 2011

f(x)'s Hot Summer V.S. Jolin Tsai's 熱冬

Who wins? You decide. :)

Yet another song which has different versions(in different languages)... And the funny thing for this particular one is that one is called 'Hot Summer', while the other is called 'Hot Winter'. =.= Lol!

Jolin's version came out much earlier than f(x)'s, but I didn't really like the song then... But when f(x)'s Hot Summer was released, I was like, ''Wow.'' Cus it's - just like about every other Korean pop music video - real catchy, and I don't know why/how, but it just manages to sound much nicer than the Chinese version...

But well, that's just my opinion; what's yours? Comment if you wish ;)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hagen Troy Tan 陳孟奇/ CH8《万福楼》Bountiful Blessings

I've heard of Hagen Troy before, but never really went to listen to his music 'cus I dislike it when some companies do too much advertising for 'new' & local artistes... you know, those kind who don't break into the Taiwan music industry & are just doing it in Singapore that kinda thing... and where the music videos/photoshoots are just the simple, lower budget kind...

But. Recently while watching Bountiful Blessings 《万福楼》 on Channel 8, I found myself so hooked onto Hagen Troy's songs - he has a great voice, composes catchy songs, and looks quite ok, maybe even above average... I think that many companies are very smart - or if you really want to get down to it, 'sly' - when it comes to advertising, and it's even 'better' if you join hands with Mediacorp, cus u get lots and lots of advertising done; and it's just so clever of them to use Hagen's songs for the WHOLE of the Bountiful Blessings OST..... Like what the Taiwanese did with Autumn's Concerto or what CH8 did for 'Pai Mai', too.

So whether or not it's subconsciously or not, you listen to Hagen Troy's songs over and over again. And guess what, I like it. And so I subscribed to his Youtube channel - showing my first very very sincere and true support for homegrown singers who, like I said, are kind of only based in Singapore that kind... Advertising is really a very powerful thing, and I truly believe, based on how you do it, it's actually.... a form of art, yi men xue wen. No, really.

Okay, enough talking. I know I'm long-winded xD After all that I've said, it's time for you to hear the magic of his songs and you'll understand what I mean. :)


I Believe In You

Like his songs, too? Subscribe here to his Youtube vids/just go to listen to more of his vids! This is his official Youtube page ;)

-LYRICS to 第一次我-

有些害怕 卻又渴望發現新事物
生命是本書 有些字草被淚水模糊
那是記憶的墳墓 需要勇氣去修復
第一次我 愛上孤單 讓時間 還 原到最初
第一次我 將愛遠遠放逐 重劃一張地圖
第一次我 清清楚楚 看見心里長一顆 堅強 的樹
將破曉的天空大力 撐住
十字路口 自由的走 找一個出口
沒有對錯 應該 將風景全都看透
可惜你和我 被 現 實左右 唐突的結果
到了世界的 盡頭 無法 甦醒 的惡夢
第一次我 愛上孤單 讓時間 還 原到最初
第一次我 將愛遠遠放逐 重劃一張地圖
第一次我 清清楚楚 看見心里長一顆 堅強 的樹
濃霧 背後 我發現新的路
就算我 承 受 一百年的寂寞
至少我誠實 過
第一次我 愛上孤單 讓時間 還 原到最初
第一次我 將愛遠遠放逐 重劃一張地圖
第一次我 清清楚楚 看見心里長一顆 堅強 的樹
等待 走出一個新的國度

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Singapore Hit Awards 2011/Liang Wen Yin = LOVE.

I wanted to cry while watching this vid... (yes it's quite a long-ago video, but I happened to see the link on Youtube, so... xD) I was(and am) really touched to see WenYin so touched..... I can't explain it, but I really admire & love her (:

And speaking of which, this year's Singapore Hit Awards is coming soon, too! I wanna vote, but can't seem to get into the website... maybe it's not open for online voting yet? I don't know, but I'm gg to keep trying! You? :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

>>Cover<< 本來 - Claire 郭静

Constructive comments most welcome :)

You can view more vids(e.g. album previews) @ my Youtube channel HERE!
Feel free to subscribe/like/comment/etc. if you appreciate & like my vids ;)

More covers here :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Son Dam-Bi's Queen V.S. Makiyo's Wake Up

Who wins? You decide. :)

Queen - Son Dam-Bi

Wake Up - Makiyo

For me, my opinion is that Son Dam-Bi is - with no qualms whatsoever - the better singer, but her MV is not really interesting. For Makiyo, she can't really sing that well but I think the mv looks a tad nicer(not cus she's wearing less) and maybeee if you're going for 'cute', her version sounds cuter(maybe cus she can't sing well and so must sing the words 'cutely')...

Don't know if you hear what I hear... what do YOU think? Comments in tagboard/below if you wish :))

Saturday, September 10, 2011

**WIN! $300 H&M Shopping Vouchers

THIS is one addictive game.

Play the Biore Spot & Win game now through FaceBook (deadline: 16Oct2011) & stand to win:
-1st prize: $300 worth of H&M vouchers
-top 10 players: $80 Kao hamper

Of course every one wants to get that highest score so that they can win the $300 H&M vouchers(plus a $80 Kao hamper somemore), but I think it's gg to be difficult =x but I hope at least I can be amongst the top 10...? xD Hope. And of course, if can of course I want want want the $300 - THREE HUNDRED OK - vouchers!! And it's H&M ya know.

Haha ok anw good luck, everybody~! ;)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Want To Sell Your Stuff?

Hey ppl, great news! I just found these super helpful sites to help increase traffic flow/public awareness of your websites! :) For e.g selling stuff, giving lessons, etc. (sells more of well-known blogshop brands'(e.g. HollyHoque) clothes that people bought but want to sell off)

I just posted my ad with them; so grateful for their existence ^.^

Btw, you can post ads on my website here too if you wish; just use the 2nd tagboard @ the sidebar on the right-hand side! Hope it helps ;)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Very Own BlogShop!

Hey guys, I have just created my very own blogshop - HauteLoves!
(Click on title to patronise)

Feel free to enter & browse; hope you will find something you like :)) Support a bit, ya? *wink wink* ;)

Join as a member(@ the sidebar) to be informed of the latest promotions, etc.!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

*Album Preview: Claire 郭静 - Another She 陪著我的時候想著她

Quite a fast upload this time, huh? ;) This album was released only on 25Aug, I think... haha saw it @ Popular a few days ago so decided to buy it!

You can visit my Youtube Channel here for more vids:


LYRICS to 陪著我的時候想著她

音樂節的煙火 照亮多少人的寂寞
震耳欲聾的全宇宙 裝不下一句溫柔
在你身後低著頭 也沒有 什麼好說
如果你的難過 你的沉默 不為我

怎麼都 變那麼苦呢
最愛的人就在身邊 怎麼我都不快樂
原來甜蜜會乾涸 幸福會 陷入沼澤
才讓 天的顏色 心的溫熱 都變了

明明我知道 卻裝作沒想法

世界有多大 只剩下一個她

那些捨得捨不得 通通留給回憶好了
如果你有那麼為難 我也不能勉強的
曾一起走過曲折 現在誰 還能選擇
從此 你的內疚 我的遷就 自由了

明明我知道 卻裝作沒想法

世界有多大 只剩下一個她
遮住我的星光 還佔領(著)你的善良
最後的以後 Oh~~

Sunday, September 4, 2011

2011 Year-End (Chinese)Albums

All of a sudden, there are so many albums being/going to be released again... It's like being bombarded with a ton of new albums o.O Although it's good that we have so many new songs to listen to, it's kind of frustrating as well 'cus we only have so much $$$ but we want ALL these albums -.-

Ok I'm ranting, but whatever. xD Here's a list of upcoming/already released albums(that I want to get my hands on)>>>
1) Hebe 田馥甄 - My Love
2) Rainie 杨丞琳 - 仰望 Longing For
3) Claire 郭靜 - 陪著我的時候想著她 Another She
4) Jam 萧敬腾 - 狂想曲 Wild Dreams

And of course, there's An Xin Ya(安心亚)'s "恶女" & Makiyo's "Ye Dian"... But these are the ones I'm not gg to 'waste' my money buying, for obvious reasons(esp for Makiyo's). xD But some songs inside are catchy, I gotta admit... but no offence, for Makiyo's album it stops there.

Here are some good websites I visit which focus on the latest Chinese albums(free downloads/autographed albums) :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Prologue Sale/Cornery

Btw, while you are @ Ion orchard, you should also visit Cornery - The Popcorn Gallery; it sells yummy & resealable pkts of popcorn @ affordable prices! ^.^

Visit their pages here for ongoing promos...