Tuesday, August 30, 2011

GroupOn Deal!

$20 for $40 Worth of Japanese Cuisine at Waraku Marina Square


A v.good deal, if you ask me ;)

醉後決定愛上你 ThemeSong - 不按牌理出牌‏

Sung by Magic Power(MP)魔幻力量, Ding Dang's juniors :)

Lyrics here!

You really wanna do do do it all night
Wu oh*2
Wha what what what… a beautiful night
今晚我当庄 谁要试个手气赌个真爱

大风吹 吹 吹 什么

我跟你呛赌 赌 赌 赌一把爱
我被你围堵 堵 堵 堵上最爱
我要你目睹 睹 睹 睹到真爱
Wu oh*2

不按牌理出牌 敢来就来
不按牌理出牌 要爱就爱
不按牌理出牌 爱中要害
Wu oh*2

说巧不巧 但最好不要硬乔
要缘份刚好 还是还要身份证担保

我想要告解 我犯了感觉的罪
但我决定将错就错 凭感觉

我跟你呛赌 赌 赌 赌一把爱
我被你围堵 堵 堵 堵上最爱
我要你目睹 睹 睹 睹到真爱
Wu oh Wu oh

不按牌理出牌 敢来就来
不按牌理出牌 要爱就爱
不按牌理出牌 爱中要害
Wu oh Wu oh


我跟你呛赌 赌 赌 赌一把爱
我被你围堵 堵 堵 堵上最爱
我要你目睹 睹 睹 睹到真爱
Wu oh Wu oh

Wu oh Wu oh

Saturday, August 27, 2011

*Album Preview: 張惠妹 - 你在看我嗎

Here, uploaded as I promised, although a bit late! xD Haha enjoy!

And while I was at it, I "shun bian" uploaded this hastily-done video as well...我們都傻 by Rainie. Haha apologies if it's not v good.. constructive comments welcome ;)

You can click on the video above to go to my Youtube page for the lyrics to this song... Rainie Yang's 我們都傻 :)

Ok then ciao for now; stay tuned to my Youtube page too for more videos yeah!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pink&Shiny Nails!

Got this pretty nail polish combo pack @ Watsons 2 days ago :)

It's called Nail Champagne - cool name huh - and it retails @ $6.90...

Found out only when I returned home that the cashier had given me free samples of Bio-Essence products! :) I think these samples are given with any/every purchase you make @ Watsons, not sure though... (I bought from the Parkway Parade store)

Ok back to the nail polish, apparently it's to create a specific look, ie. the one shown on the cover. So there are steps behind to show you what to do... And the bottles are labelled A, B, C to aid you along the way, haha how convenient!

Since I don't keep my nails long but still like to apply nail polish, I decided to not go with the look suggested and just use the various bottles to come up with a 'style' of my own...

Ta-dah! Cute pinky-shiny-ish look xD

Nice? A simple but nice look, in my opinion... :p

Can't really tell from the pics but the darker shade of pink is actually v. shimmery/glittery.. I like! ^.^v

Anybody has any nail tips to share, feel free to comment on this post yea! I'm no nail expert(quite obvious huh haha!) so I'm open to suggestions on how to imrpove my (non-existent) skills ;)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

CLEO Mag., Sept. Issue

This new issue of CLEO caught my eye and I just had to buy it!

CLEO mag.s often have freebies and additional small booklets, etc... makes me feel that it's more worth my $$$ to buy it instead of other fashion mag.s ;)

Here's a sneak peek :p

So many things right! Lol and @$3.50 only... (oops forgot to add in 1 more item in the pic... some free sample of BB cream from Maybelline :) )

Free sample of Lancome's new product...

Apparently this product is said to change many women's minds about going for botox/plastic surgery 'cus it helps to 'correct' their imperfections, eg. wrinkles.. Wow so miraculous?? o.O Haha I don't know; you could go try it ;)

And there's a small booklet of exclusive discount vouchers for Bugis Junction shops! Eg. 25% off a Casio watch(specific model), 25% off the now-so-popular Smurfs tee, etc.

Interested to get all these great deals and freebies?? So go, grab your copy of CLEO today! ;)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The BodyShop Sale 2011!

Okay so here I am after a long hiatus from blogging here; sorry to keep u guys waiting! ;( But I believe it's worth the wait, 'cus I'm back with GREAT news for ya - The BodyShop Sale! :))

-Savings of up to 70%!
-Open to public
-till 20August2011
-10.30am to 8pm
-Suntec Gallery West, L3

I just went today, didn't go for the earlier members' preview, but ah well, there were still many products available... But just in case, do make ur way down to this great sale ASAP in case there is no more stock for ur desired product(s)!! ;)

Pics of some of the stuff I bought~

1) Compact mirror for only $3. There's a magnifying side and a 'normal' side :)

2) Products from the Tea Tree series, most going at only $9 or thereabout each! V.V.worth it! E.g. the concealer is $9, U.P$19.90!

3) Silver eyeliner pencil & Shimmery Eyeshadow - 2 for $14.90... There's a range of items for you to choose the 2 items from... can mix eyeliners and eyeshadows, etc. ;)

4) Vitamin E Serum my sis asked me to get for her.. $19.90 ea.

Okay, that's all for today; do check back here regularly for more sale notifications and such! :)