Monday, October 31, 2011

The Oath 行医 Themesong (救命) + Videos

Oh yes finally found this video on Youtube!! The 'The Oath' themesong by Anthony Neely :D It's called <<救命>>. This song was specially sung for the show ;)

Like the video itself(without the music) as well - the video creators/editors are pro, man. And yup, as I've said before, I like the way they filmed the whole show also - a bit different from the 'usual' Channel 8 drama way...

The below vids are of Hebe and Anthony Neely Ni An Dong(repectively) talking about their songs in the drama... wow look at Anthony's hair, lol, didn't know he changed to this style! xD

Ok, enough talk from me, shall leave you guys to enjoy the vids! :))

Click here to view more videos from Mediacorp Channel 8's official Youtube page.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Triumph In The Skies 衝上雲霄 2 (Sequel)

Don't know if you guys have already heard, but TVB's coming up with a sequel to Triumph In The Skies! ^.^

But apparently they have postponed/delayed filming... hope it will be completed soon!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

謝謝你們 愛我的每個人 MV - Selina 任家萱 (S.H.E)

Selina's back with a new song! :))

It's a beautiful song; watching the video made me tear :( Jiayou, Selina!!

Click on the video to go to the actual vid page to view the lyrics :)

Kampong Ties 甘榜情 (Catch-Up TV)

(Photo Credit of

Click here to watch; it's quite an interesting show! :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

>>Cover<< 曬焦的一雙耳朵 - Rainie 杨丞琳

Finally - another cover! Haven't done one in quite a while... tried some blending/harmonising this time... sounds like there are 2 'me's, lol xD

You can click on the video to get to the actual page to get the lyrics ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Oath 行医 (Catch-Up TV)

Love Thy Neighbour ended on Monday... quite a nice & touching last episode.. made me tear in some parts.. ;(

But anw. A new drama is on now and it's not bad! The filming & all is a bit different from the 'usual' way Singapore CH 8 dramas are filmed.. it's a bit more like... CH U's Pai Mai, that kind of filming pattern... and I like~ :))

It's a doctor-ish show, which is cool ^^ and it's also interesting that they chose to combine Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine in the show... And btw they are using some of Hebe's songs in the show as well !

Click to view the first episode of The Oath on XinMSN, which aired yesterday night. It's on every weeknight @ 9pm. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

結痂 (Instrumental/KTV Version) - Rainie 杨丞琳

Click on the video to go to the actual Youtube page of this vid to get the lyrics ;) More instrumentals can be found on my Youtube page.

Enjoy, and have a happy holiday tomorrow, fellow (Singapore) readers! :D

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Linda Chung: SG Bio-essence Commercial(in English!)

Just found this on Youtube ^^ It's Linda Chung's advertisement for Bio-essence Bird's Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Advancer.

I think 'cus it's an ad to air in Singapore, they got our dear Linda to speak in English :)) And as usual, be it speaking in Catonese, English or Chinese, her voice sounds so beautiful~ (although she's not that fluent in Chinese and her pronounciation for Chinese is not that great either, but it still sounds awesome coming from her xD)

*Album Preview - Rainie 杨丞琳 - Longing For 仰望

Here's Rainie Yang's album preview for her newest album, Longing For, as promised ;)) I know her album's been released for quite some time already, but still. xD Thought it would be nice to share her music with you guys anyway, since it's a pretty good album, in my opinion...

And after listening to the new albums released by BY2, Hebe & Rainie, I heard many catchy & awesome songs which I am thinking of doing covers on :p Haven't uploaded a cover for quite some time... For those who have not yet heard any of my covers, no harm getting to know(listen to) them here! ;)

Oh, btw, I also uploaded some - and going to upload some more - instrumentals of Chinese songs; you can view them here! (I don't blog about/embed all my Youtube videos here, so you can view more vids through my Youtube channel :) )

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Boys MV - SNSD Girls' Generation 소녀시대

SNSD's back with another catchy mv -

Although I'm not a hardcore Korean pop music fan, I kind of tend to take notice/keep track of SNSD & their songs - esp. their singles, which are always v. catchy... I find that their company 'packages' them very attractively - all their CD covers and MVs look real good and impressive(some look very princess-y also, which I like); they always manage to catch my eye and make me wna look twice. Thumbs-up!

Plus, of course, the gals themselves(even without the 'packaging' part) have such talent - they really do know how to dance>> love viewing Korean dances(although I can't dance for nuts)!

And on a side-note, I really admire those behind-the-scenes ppl who manage to come up with such amazing MVs(for Korean/Taiwan Chinese Pop music in general)... Kudos to you guys!! :))

Click here to view/subscribe to the official SM Town Youtube Channel (:

*Album Preview: BY2(Miko&Yumi) - 90' 鬧 Now

Quite a fast upload this time as well ^^ Enjoy, and you can click here to view more of my self-made album previews (:

I found a review of this album online - you can view it here if interested. Click to view my post on BY2's 有沒有 MV(+ Mirrored Dance Tutorial).

P.S. Rainie Yang's Longing For album preview coming up soon; look out for it! ;)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

EatYourKimchi - Korean Music Videos Parody/Etc.

I've another Youtube channel to intro./recommend to you guys again today... It's called EatYourKimchi . It's quite popular; many of you may already know about the existence of this channel, but anw just to intro. to those who don't ;)

I heard about it from my close friends, and they say it's super funny and all... haha. I went to watch some of their vids and yeah, it was quite hilarious. :) Here, let me embed one of their vids:-

(Btw, I realise the guy's always wearing Threadless shirts, lol!)

You can view more of their vids via the link above(click on 'EatYourKimchi')! Do feel free to return here and comment on your thoughts of this channel and whether or not it's a good recommendation ;)

Monday, October 17, 2011

魔鬼中的天使 & 還是要幸福 MVs- Hebe 田馥甄

Attention~ Two very nice songs available now for us to sing during karaoke sessions! I'm glad they chose these 2 songs to be made into MVs, 'cus they are super nice to hear & sing :D

魔鬼中的天使 Angel Devil

還是要幸福 - One of my fav songs in this album ^.^

P.S. Have a nice Monday, my dear readers! No more Monday Blues once you listen to these 2 songs above, yeah? Let's jiayou for school/work! ;)

And by the way, have you guys checked out my idol merchandise blog yet? Raine Yang Concert DVD going @ only $10 - don't miss it!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

有沒有 MV- BY 2(Miko&Yumi)

BY 2's back with a retro-ish & Korean-ish mv for their new song, 有沒有.

Here's a video of them rehearsing the actual dance...

Ppl who want to learn the dance can check out this mirrored dance video below :)

Catch Up On 康熙来了 (Kang Xi Lai Le) Episodes Online!

I keep forgetting to blog about this... But anw, I'm here today to talk about it, so. xD

Talk about what? >>>

  • 康熙来了

Kang Xi Lai Le!

Do you guys have the same problem as me, whereby you can't find up-to-date & good quality KKXL vids online when you miss the most recent episode(s) on cable tv? :p Well, I found this Youtube channel around last year - it provides good and recent KKLL episodes!

Click here to view ;) Hope this helps!

P.S. You can view day-to-day summaries of their episodes here at Taiwan CTI tv's official KKLL webpage.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mediacorp (Channel 8) My Story Contest

Channel 8 has been running this MyStory contest for quite some time already... but I only found out about it recently, haha... quite noob, but still. xD At least I found out about 2 weeks ago xD Haha ok anw.

Are you creative? Ever dreamt up of crazy twists & turns to channel 8 shows? Here's your chance to see your own story being directed into a Channel 8 drama production! This MyStory contest allows interested ppl to send in their entries(can be more than one) and the best story will be chosen every week. The winner each week will win $100 worth of prizes, e.g. Golden Village vouchers...

(*Pic credit of Mediacorp.)

The contest runs from 15Aug-28Oct. Weekly deadline is every Friday @ 8pm; the winning story for the past week will be published on Channel 8's FaceBook(under the notes section) on Monday.

Click here for more details ;)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

KTV/Karaoke Website!

I'm back with another good website to recommend to you guys - a site where you can search easily for Youtube KTV/karaoke videos! Quite recent ones can also be found here ;)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

*Album Preview: Hebe 田馥甄 - My Love

It's been some time since I uploaded an album preview... So here's Hebe's My Love preview! All 10 songs at a glance. (:

Liked that? You can comment/like/subscribe to me here, or just click here to view more of my self-made album previews. ;)

Ciao for now, and here's to a great Sunday for everyone :D

P.S. I may not be doing a preview for Yen-J's Alone album after all - sorry if anyone's been waiting for it!! ;( 'cus something always goes wrong when I try to edit the songs in Windows Movie Maker; I don't know why... o.O

Saturday, October 8, 2011

梁文音 音為愛音樂會 Videos!

I have 2 awesome Youtube channels to intro. to you guys today(click on the below links to go to their Youtube sites)! :))

-this channel has many many(over 800) clear & great videos - mostly 'LIVE' - of singers' autograph sessions, etc...

-this channel is dedicated to Liang Wen Yin vids... good quality ones too.

And yup, you can view many good quality 梁文音 音為愛音樂會 (Rachel Liang Wen Yin's 2011 concert @ The Legacy) videos from these channels as well - I have embedded a few below; enjoy!!

情人知己 - with WenYin playing the piano


Thursday, October 6, 2011

離開 MV - Claire 郭靜


他 沒再回來過
他 選擇了沉默
他 好像從來就

我 是不夠灑脫
我 是不甘寂寞
我 是那麼忘我

沒有錯 愛常常讓人迷失了自我

當所有的紀念也離開 以為存在的永遠


我 是不夠灑脫
我 是不甘寂寞
我 是那麼忘我

沒有錯 愛常常讓人迷失了自我

當所有的紀念也離開 以為存在的永遠



當所有的紀念也離開 以為存在的永遠

當雨滴~ Oh~~
而美好還繼續在 那個瞬間

Monday, October 3, 2011

Love Thy Neighbour 四个门牌一个梦 (Catch-Up TV)

Missed episodes of <<四个门牌一个梦>>? Don't fret; catch them via CatchUp TV by XinMSN! :)

All episodes - there are 4 episodes so far - linked below for your convenience ;)

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rachel 梁文音 - 臺北‧一遊未盡 Taipei Tourism Board Video

"Taipei, a never-ending play~" ^^

This ad. has been airing on cable tv so often, but I love it! Makes my day to see WenYin anytime :)) And of course, hearing that Happy Holiday song is cheers me up, too!

CLICK to go to their Singapore FB Page!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

仰望 & 缺陷美 MVs - Rainie 楊丞琳

Two of the songs which have been stuck in my head recently... catchy & oh-so-nice ;) And the MVs look good, too! Just to share w you guys... :)



P.S. Ok, after looking at the 2 screenshots above, I just realised that Rainie has the same 'pose' in both MVs.. lol!