Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stay Tuned...

And finally my internet connection's working again! I've been MIA for a few days, as my comp's having problems; but now it's ok and do stay tuned for more videos/etc. coming up! ;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

**WIN! Freebies From Fleabie

Just found out today that I won a pair of movie tickets from Fleabie, as well! Haha have been participating in quite a no. of contests recently... being your typical kiasu/cheapskate Singaporean ;) Heheh.

YOU too can win awesome stuff and get great deals(e.g discount offers) at Fleabie - visit their website at http://fleabie.sg/welcome_to_fleabie today! Today's Flea offer is: $12 for The Face Shop Gel Eyeliner instead of $19.90! (Prices incl shipping)

Cheers and good luck to you! :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

**WIN! Shopping Vouchers, etc. from Urban

I just won freebies from Urban(The Straits Times)!! Check out this Friday's issue of Urban for my winning question - you are supposed to ask Urban questions and if they pick your question to be published in the news, then you win shopping vouchers, freebies, etc. :)

Send in your questions to Urban(The Straits Times) today for YOUR chance to win! Ask away at their Facebook page, the Ask Urban thread.

You can also check out every week's copy of Urban for ongoing contests and giveaways, which they have A LOT of. Good luck! ;)

*Album Preview: Linda 钟嘉欣 - My Private Selection 新歌+精选

**FREE DOWNLOAD of this album at http://www.mediafire.com/?f6azms7723q37

Track List:
1. If You Want Me (*NEW song)
2. 得閒找你 (*NEW song)
3. 囉唆 (*NEW song)
4. I'll be Waiting for You (*NEW song)
5. 愛得起
6. 一人晚餐
7. 二人世界
8. 我不懂你
9. 火柴天堂
10. 其實我不快樂
11. 有沒有她
12. 浪漫無聲
13. 日夜想你
14. 明爭暗鬥
15. 有一天
16. 白羊座的情歌
17. 生死也為愛
18. 戀愛令人心痛

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

**WIN!! Tickets to Liang Wen Yin's Music Showcase

Liang Wen Yin's coming to Singapore in July 2011! Want to meet her? Here's your chance! Hope all this info. helps! :)

Chance No.1 - Date: 9 July 2011(Sat)
Time: 6pm
Venue: St James Powerstation, Powerhouse


1) Buy her latest album, Soulmate, at any HMV stores in SG to get a FREE invite to this music showcase!


2) Take part in this contest organised by Casio Timepieces Singapore via FB:

What to do for a chance to win: Take a photo of yourself in your best 'be tough.be cute' fashion and send it to Casio! You also stand a chance to win AUTOGRAPHED Casio watched designed by Wen Yin herself!

Chance No.2 - Date: 10 July 2011(Sun)
Time: 4pm
Venue: Bugis Junction, Bugis Square Level 1

Do come down to Bugis to listen to Wen Yin's melodious voice if you have the time on 10 July! She will be holding her autograph session for Soulmate there, so remember to bring along your albums for her to sign, too ;)

*Album Preview: Cyndi 王心凌 - Sticky 黏黏黏黏


01. 想你想你
02. 愛太空
03. 陪我到以後
04. 黏黏黏黏
05. 搖滾吧姑娘
06. 不哭
07. 自行浪漫
08. 下一頁的我
09. 一直幸福
10. 愛的 ATM

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Yoga Lin 《美妙生活》- 想自由

One of the songs from Yoga's latest album, <<美妙生活>>.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dong Yi 同伊OST - Track 01

*Very good quality! :)

Want this song? Here are the links to the FULL album soundtrack:
Part 1 - http://www.ihoneyjoo.com/soundtracks/dong-yi-soundtrack-ost-part1/
Part 2 - http://www.ihoneyjoo.com/soundtracks/dong-yi-soundtrack-ost-part2/
Part 3 - http://www.ihoneyjoo.com/soundtracks/dong-yi-soundtrack-ost-part3/

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*Album Preview: Rachel 梁文音 - Soulmate《情人X知己》

A preview of all 10 songs in Liang Wen Yin's latest album in 2011, Soulmate :)

梁文音 - 《情人X知己》SONG LIST

1。 情人知己
2。 一百万种亲吻
3。 Happy Holiday
4。 受不了
5。 我们都别哭
6。 孩子
7。 姐妹淘
8。 够幸福了
9。 遗忘天使

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

1st post!

A big hello! :) This small blog of mine is a portal through which I will share instrumental/'karaoke' versions of YOUR favourite songs(mostly Chinese pop, Taiwanese singers), self-sung videos as well as some thoughts & inspirations.

I also have a Youtube channel from which you can subscribe to or view my uploaded videos - http://www.youtube.com/user/missroseate?feature=mhee . Feel free to comment and if need be, you can e-mail me at lifesmelodies.blog@gmail.com ;)

With that, I shall leave you to enjoy your visit here and I do hope you will come back for more song-a-licious updates!

P.S. Coming up - Rachel Liang Wen Yin's songs from her latest album, Soulmate. Stay tuned!