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The Hunger Games - The Movie.

YES this is coming out next year, around March period !!! :D

Not sure how many people know about this, but this is actually adapted from a book with the same title. It's a trilogy - 3 parts to the book: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay.

The books are really good and I enjoyed them very, very much! But to me, the first book was still the best, followed by the 2nd one ;) I felt the 3rd one(the last installment) could have been better, though...

I wrote a detailed synopsis for the first book some time back... shall post it here(in the post below)! Enjoy, and please support by buying the book(s) 'cus they are really great !!

Selected a trailer to show you guys below :)

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The Hunger Games - Detailed Synopsis!

The Hunger Games

Disclaimer!!: There are a fair bit of spoilers in my self-written synopsis, but I have left out the most exciting, surprising/shocking and touching elements so that you can still enjoy the story when you read the actual book itself. I give full credit to author herself and no copyright infringement is intended. The below synopsis is written from my memory of the story and it is, although fairly detailed, not the full storyline.


Set in the future, Panem is whatever remains of North America and is surrounded by 13 districts. When the districts go aginst the Capitol, 1 district is obliterated and the other 12 conquered. As a reminder that the Capitol has control over them, an annual event, called the Hunger Games, is set up. Every single person in Panem is required to watch this telecasted reality TV show and each district is to send a boy and a girl -referred to as tributes- to the Capitol to participate in this event, where the 24 participants will be left in an outdoor arena to kill one another till there is one sole survivor. That sole survivor will be able to live the rest of his life in luxury and wealth.In District 12 lives Katniss Everdeen, who, like many others, suffer from starvation and has to find means to put food on the table everyday. After her father is killed in a mine explosion, Katniss is left behind with her younger sister and mother and she becomes the head of the family. Slowly, she masters the art of hunting with a bow and arrow and other tactics to bring food home for her family. Gale, a boy who suffers the same plight as her, becomes Katniss' friend.
Soon, it is time for the reaping - where the one girl and boy are to be chosen for the Hunger Games that year. Once one is 12, his name is automatically entered into the lottery. Primrose, Katniss's sister, has just reached 12 years of age and nobody expects it when her name is chosen in the lottery. In a bid to protect her sister's life, Katniss volunteers herself for the games in place of Primrose. The boy chosen for that year's games is Peeta Mellark. He strikes an impression in Katniss and she realises that he is the son of the baker. Many years ago, he burnt two loaves of fine bread on purpose so that he could give it away to Katniss, whose family had been starving for days.

As the story proceeds…

Katniss and Peeta are then whisked off to the capitol, where they are to prepare for the games. They are meticulously groomed to appear as idols on television a few days before the actual games. During a telecasted interview of the 24 participants, Peeta reveals that he has had a crush on Katniss for years. Later, when confronted, Haymitch - their mentor - and Peeta explain that this is an act to attract more sponsors to help them during the games. Sponsors will be able to aid participants in the games by providing them with certain items they need during trying moments and these items are transported via small silver parachutes while the game is ongoing.
As the story progresses, Peeta and Katniss find themselves in the actual games and unknown to Katniss, Peeta really does like her and he does all that he can to protect her from the other tributes. He even joins the strong Careers - people from more well-off districts who have been trained all their lives for the Hunger Games, as they see the games as a chance to gain victory and do their families proud - in hopes of protecting Katniss from them.
Days go by. One by one, the tributes die and only 6 remain.
An announcement is made one day and it states that the rules of the game have been amended. 2 victors will be allowed should the last 2 competitors in the game belong to the same district. Katniss immediately sets off in search of Peeta and when she finally finds him, she finds out that he is hurt and running a fever. She nurses him back to health and unknowingly starts developing feelings for him. Throughout the book, Katniss seems unsure of her own feelings towards Peeta and Gale, but the author makes them obvious to the readers.

Meanwhile, as Katniss and Peeta are meant to be "the star-crossed lovers from District 12" and they are being watched on television by everyone in Panem, Katniss keeps up the act that she and Peeta are romantically involved. This earns them sponsors who help them out in the game. Peeta, however, does not realise that Katniss is just pretending and his feelings for Katniss grow.
As more surprises and unexpected events occur during the games, Katniss and Peeta are forced to find means and ways to survive. They eventually emerge as the final 2 victors in the Hunger Games. However, they come to know of something shocking and inhumane - an announcement is made which states that the rules have been changed yet again. Only one victor can emerge.

The Ending

What will ultimately happen in the end? Buy & read the book to find out! You will definitely not regret it; the story is seriously awesome ;)


>>> I hope you have enjoyed my synopsis for the Hunger Games and do support Suzanne Collins by buying this book! It is truly a different feeling when you read it for yourself. Although I have written quite a detailed synopsis, I left out the really, really surprising and touching elements that you just have to read for yourself. ;)

*Read about The Hunger Games - The Movie in my next blog post!*

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遺失的心跳 MV - Elva 萧亚轩

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愛的麵包魂 Bread of Love (The Soul of Bread)!

Hope this is going to be shown in Singapore soon :))

(starring Chen Han Dian 陳漢典, Michelle Chen Yan Xi and Anthony Neely)

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未拆的禮物 MV - Victor 品冠

Also part of the OST for 真愛找麻煩 Inborn Pair :)

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愛的秘方 & 一半一半 MVs - Kenji 吳克群

The opening and closing themesongs respectively for the idol drama, Love Recipe
料理情人梦 :)



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不要不要 & 夠了 MVs - Genie 卓文萱

Songs from the OST of Office Girls 小資女孩向前衝 ! By Genie Zhuo Wen Xuan. (:

不要不要 - The dance is very cute, haha! I like the mv in the idol drama as well ^^


七十亿分之一 MV - Alien 黄鸿升 (小鬼)

The style of this song is kinda special... in a good way. And it sounds like Xiao Gui's singing has improved... ;)

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