Monday, July 18, 2011


Apologies for not updating for such a long time! Have been recuperating from a weird and persistent illness... ;( WILL find time to go do the A*Mei Album Preview ya! And maybe the F.I.R one as well :))

I won an exclusive pass to Liang Wen Yin's autograph session 2 Sundays ago! It was an awesome experience, apart from me being sick, that is. So miss seeing her already! Hope to have chances as such to meet her again, man! Think I'll upload videos/pics of her on that day soon... I know lotsa people already have, but since the camera's my sister's, it's kind of ma fan(troublesome) and will take quite long for me to upload the stuff..... hmmm hope it'll get done soon! ;)

Check back here/my Youtube account for more stuffs yeah!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

**WIN! Tickets To Korean Music Wave 2011/Etc.

This week's i-Weekly is srsly worth buying :)

I saw at least 4 contests inside - including ones to win the Korean Music Wave tickets(which I'm sure MANY of you are crazy about ;) ) and to win exclusive passes to Rachel Liang Wen Yin's autograph session this Sunday + Casio Baby-G watches designed by Liang Wen Yin!

And the contests are not the sms type… you must e-mail them(Mediacorp) in no more than 100 words why you would like to go(to the concert/autograph session) - so if your entry is good, you will win it! Not some lucky draw thing where you need luck to win ;) I believe for most people, there is a higher probability of winning in this kind of contests than the lucky-draw kind bah? Well, at least for me it is :)

So… for those of you who are dying to get your hands on those Korean Music Wave Concert tix or the Liang Wen Yin autograph session passes - Go get your i-Weekly today!! (Contest deadlines for i-Weekly mags are always v v soon.)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Crazy Diva Sale!!

My internet connection @ home is still not really working... boo! ;( But now it's miraculously behaving for a while, so I'd better blog faster before the connection is cut again!!

Went to Parkway this afternoon, and guess what I saw - a Diva sale at the atrium, where everything's $5 and under!! o.O cool, right?? Most of the things = $5, with some being priced at $3... I got myself tons of stuff xD 7 items in total, omg.

See -

NICE right! Heheh some friendly advice: go get your $5 Diva goodies too before they are gone man! ;) Not sure whether malls other than PP are having this promo also, but you could check...? Haha.

Okay, enough about shopping. I shall be uploading an album preview soon, so do check back here soon ok? :) *psst... thinking along the lines of A*Mei's newest album ;))